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That kind of mask is better

From a professional perspective, masks must have a third-party professional organization test report. If the seller does not have a test report or does not display the test data, it will not be credible. A good mask must have the following points.

1. Facial tightness is better.The leaked mask air is directly sucked in from the gap without filtering material, which seriously reduces the protective effect. Leakage can also cause fogging of glasses or goggles.betterThe leakage rate is less than 1.5%.
2. The filtration efficiency of the filter material should be high.KN90, KN95, KN100, the higher the filtration efficiency of the filter material, the higher the interception rate of particulate matter, the lower the particulate matter penetration rate. Gauze masks, ordinary medical masks, and medical surgical masks all have low requirements for particulate filtration efficiency.betterIt is KN95/KN100/KP100.
3. The protective effect should be high.The protective effect is the ability of a mask to block particles, and it is a comprehensive manifestation of leakage and filtration efficiency. The order is D, C, B, A, the better is A grade, which is greater than 90%.
4. The inhalation resistance should be low.The higher the inhalation resistance, the more strenuous the inhalation is. The mask must be removed after wearing it for a while, and the protection cannot be sustained.betterThe inhalation resistance of KN95 mask is less than 50 Pa.
5. The exhalation resistance should be low.The greater the exhalation resistance, the more boring and uncomfortable you will feel, and you cannot wear it for a long time.betterThe exhalation resistance of the KN95 mask is less than 50 Pa.
6. The air tightness of the exhalation valve is better.If there is an exhalation valve,betterThe time for the air tightness of the exhalation valve to recover from -1180 Pa to normal pressure is more than 50 seconds. The air-tightness of the exhalation valve is not good, and it cannot effectively isolate external particles, especially poisonous gas.
7. The dead space rate should be low.The dead space rate refers to the proportion of carbon dioxide that was re-inhaled from the previous exhalation. The lower the ratio, the less carbon dioxide was inhaled from the previous exhalation, the fresher the inhaled air, and the higher the inhaled oxygen content.betterIt is less than 0.1%.
8. The headband, connector, and exhalation valve cover must bear greater tension.It will be strong when worn, and the connection will be tight.betterIs greater than 100 cattle.
9. The mask does not decolorize, has no peculiar smell, low formaldehyde content, neutral PH value, and no carcinogenic dyes.
10. Masks must have a third-party professional organization test report, If the seller does not have a test report or does not show the test data, it is not credible.

Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. takes ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016 as the quality assurance benchmarks, a professional mask production base, professional production technology and a complete quality system. Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells second-class medical equipment, such as disposable medical masks, disposable flat masks, disposable children's masks, KN95 masks, customized printing masks, etc. It is a professional and high-quality mask manufacturer. Kaiyi Technology has a complete mask production line, not only has a clean and dust-free workshop, but also a mask body manufacturing machine and other automated equipment to provide sufficient masks with stable and efficient production capacity.

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