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Mask pattern free selection

When a mask becomes a necessity, the decorative effect becomes a mainstream selling point after the protective effect. Then, what is the quality of this type of mask? "The protective ability of a mask involves many factors such as particle filtration, fit, and nose clip standards. But the key depends on the middle layer of meltblown cloth. As long as the quality of the meltblown cloth reaches the standard, it will have a certain protective effect. As for the outer layer of cloth printed with various patterns, it will not have a direct protective effect on the mask. Impact.” Of course, it is very important to choose a manufacturer that meets the standard.

Kaiyi Technology's printed masks have passed the T/CTCA 7-2019 testing standards, and the bacterial barrier rate BFE is ≥95%, which is safe and reliable. In addition to continuously developing new styles, we pay more attention to product quality, which is the top priority of the company.Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and operates Class II medical devices,Disposable medical mask, Disposable flat masks, disposable children's masks, KN95 masks, customized printing masks, etc., professional and high-quality mask manufacturers.

Kaiyi Technology includes one-stop service of fabric procurement, printing and slitting. Personalized mask pattern is free to choose, full version, positioning pattern can be customized, one-to-one customer service.

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