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The little brother who is just a good-looking medical mask, because of its low requirements and poor filtering of pathogenic microorganisms and dust, the actual effect of his protection is not ideal. As the eldest brother of the family, medical surgical masks always have strict requirements for themselves. They must be produced in accordance with the medical standard YY0469 or higher. The filtration efficiency for non-oily particles should reach more than 30%, and the filtration efficiency for bacteria should reach 95%. the above. The three-layer structure of the water-absorbing layer, the filter layer and the waterproof layer of the medical surgical mask from the inside to the outside makes it better anti-permeability.

In addition, as the collateral sister of the birth of "particulate matter"-KN masks are mainly used to protect non-oily particles. KP masks can protect against oily and non-oily particles. Everyday people use KN to prevent smog. Type mask. According to its filtering performance of non-oily particles, there are three types of masks that everyone is familiar with: KN90, KN95, and KN100. Among them, the KN95 mask has a filtering performance of more than 95% for non-oily particles (detected by sodium chloride).

In fact, there is no N95 in the standard of protective masks in our country, but the terms 1, 2, and 3 are used to express the filtration efficiency grade. Generally, the level 1 can meet the requirements of N95/KN95. In other words, as long as any medical protective mask that meets the standard of protective mask, it has definitely reached the filtration efficiency of N95 and KN95. Moreover, the main reason for the masks used in the medical environment is to isolate bacteria, and once the bacteria adhere to the outer surface of the mask, it is very easy to follow the damp mask and directly penetrate into the inside of the mask. Therefore, the anti-permeability of the protective mask is very important!

Please be sure to wear a mask when traveling during extraordinary times. Medical surgical masks are your best choice, and for the health and safety of others, please try your best to choose masks without breathing valves!

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