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What kind of mask should children wear

Many parents wear small medical surgical masks for their children for the safety of their children. Most parents would think that. Surgical masks used by medical staff can better protect children, but is this really the case?

Medical surgical masks are not suitable for children

Child hygiene masks (GBT38880-2020) require that the pressure difference (respiratory resistance) be less than or equal to 30Pa, and medical surgical masks (0469-2011) require that the pressure difference be less than or equal to 49Pa. The surgical masks used by pharmacies and medical staff on the market, as well as the so-called small adult surgical or "child surgical masks", have a pressure difference of more than 40Pa, far exceeding the standard for children's masks. Child hygiene masks (GBT38880-2020) require BFE≥95% and PFE≥90%. The requirements for surgical masks only require BFE≥95% and PFE≥30%. Obviously, surgical masks simply do not meet the standards of children's masks.

Many parents believe that the "children's surgery" or small "surgical masks" bought in pharmacies can give their children the same protective effect as medical staff. The Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration has clearly stipulated that the registration of surgical masks for masks smaller than the adult surgical size is not allowed, and it is mandatory to certify in accordance with the standards for children's masks to prevent mask manufacturers from using the name of "child surgery" to trick parents into buying unqualified The mask is used by children. Comparing their safety, the bacterial filtration efficiency is the same as that of surgical masks ≥95%, while the particle filtration efficiency is 3 times higher than that of medical surgical masks, but the pressure difference (ventilation resistance) is only half of that of surgical masks. This means that wearing 2 children's masks is more breathable and comfortable than wearing 1 medical surgical mask! Some parents believe that N95 masks have better protective effects than medical surgical masks. In fact, as one of the high-level masks, N95 masks are not suitable for children and adolescents. Wearing N95 masks for a long time can also cause damage to children's heart and lung functions, and severely affect children's brain development.

Only the executive standards printed on the outer packaging are:GB/T38880-2020It is the children's mask that meets the national regulations.

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