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Can I buy cartoon masks?

Many parents are very anxious when buying children's masks. Children don't want to wear ordinary masks. Children like colorful or cartoon-shaped children's masks. But are such masks safe and the protective effect will be compromised?In the civil "Disposable Use Protective Masks" group standard, it is stipulated that the fabric in direct contact with the mask shall not be dyed, but this requirement does not apply to the outer layer of the mask. Whether the outer layer of the mask is dyed and whether there are various patterns is designed by the company itself No requirement."Beautiful masks should be bought with caution." Professor Jin Xiangyu said that the pigments used in children's masks should meet "food grade standards". On the contrary, masks dyed with chemical raw materials will cause negative effects if they are worn for a long time.

Kaiyi Technology printed mask passed T/CTCA 7-2019 test standard, bacterial barrier rate BFE≥95%, safe and reliable. In addition to continuously developing new styles, we pay more attention to product quality, which is the top priority of the company.

Kaiyi Technology supports to mapCustom digital printing mask,The daily production capacity is up to 50W,

And continue to developUpdate styles in line with fashion trends.

Whether it’s children’s or adult’s, it can be setsystem.

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