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Delta virus is here, is the new crown virus vaccine okay?

Image source: Dongguan Disease Control

Remind again:For individuals, the protective effect of vaccination is not 100%, and it takes a certain amount of time to produce protective antibodies. For groups, the new coronavirus is still easy to spread without forming an immune barrier.

In order to prevent infection, before the epidemic is over, it is recommended to continue with the vaccine after the vaccine.Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, ventilate frequently, and use one-meter noodles. This "four-piece anti-epidemic suit"!

Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. takes ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016 as the quality assurance benchmarks, a professional mask production base, professional production technology and a complete quality system. The main production and operation of second-class medical equipment, disposable medical masks, disposable flat masks, disposable children's masks, KN95 masks are the varieties produced all year round. Kaiyi Technology has a complete mask production line, not only a clean and dust-free workshop, but also a mask body manufacturing machine and other automated equipment, stable and efficient production capacity to provide sufficient masks, ready for the epidemic.

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