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New crown vaccine 1 shot, 2 shots, 3 shots

There are several different COVID-19 vaccines at vaccination sites. Some only require 1 shot, some require 2 shots, and some require 3 shots... What is the difference between these vaccines?

Which one is better?

The number of vaccine shots is different because the protection mechanism is different

The number of shots for a vaccine is not determined by scientists casually, and the number of shots does not mean that the effect is better or worse.

The core of a few shots is related to "why does the vaccine work after injection."

The vaccines we can get now are not as simple as one, two or three shots, but there are three types and six races.

One shot: Adenovirus vaccine, currently only one.

Transplant the unique structure of the new coronavirus to a virus with almost no lethality. The new virus can continue to live in the body but cannot replicate. On the basis of not affecting human health, express the unique structure of the new coronavirus and induce the body to produce an immune response.

At present, the only approved adenovirus vaccine is Cansino. The vaccination conditions are slightly stricter than other vaccines. Malignant tumors, immune kidney disease, and organ transplantation are not recommended for people who may have impaired immune function.

Two injections: inactivated vaccines, currently there are 4 kinds.

The vaccine is equivalent to a complete corpse of the new coronavirus, and the various characteristics of the virus body are still retained, which can induce the body to produce a corresponding immune response.

However, the "dead virus" has limited power after all. Using 2 injections to strengthen the immunity (interval 3-8 weeks) can make the body "remember more clearly" about the virus.

At present, the domestic approved manufacturers include Beijing Kexing Zhongwei, Sinopharm Zhongsheng Beijing Research Institute, Sinopharm Zhongsheng Wuhan Research Institute, and Shenzhen Kangtai.

Three shots: Recombinant subunit vaccine, currently there is one.

The unique structure of the new coronavirus is planted in another place, and then this unique structure is harvested to make a vaccine and injected into the body to generate an immune response to the new coronavirus.

This vaccine is allowing the body to "find the suspect through a typical feature." In order to identify more accurately, it is necessary to follow the procedure of 0, 1, and 2 months to inoculate 3 injections (the interval between the first and second injections is 4-8 weeks, the interval between the second and third injections is ≥4 weeks, the first and second injections 3-needle interval <6>

At present, the only approved manufacturer is Zhifeilongkoma.

So which one is better?

Except for those who are clearly restricted, for ordinary people, whichever one can be hit by these three vaccines. The biggest difference between them is: how many times to go to the health service center to call.

As for the efficiency and safety that the rumors worry about... don't scare yourself. The three types of vaccines can be approved for marketing, and they must all have good safety and immunogenicity.

However, some articles say that these vaccines have gaps in protection, and there are specific data comparisons. How to explain?

Because of these data, it cannot be directly compared.

Having said that, the conclusion is actually quite obvious: no matter one shot, two shots or three shots, the best protection is when you hit it.

We cannot judge the effectiveness of existing domestic vaccines based on any single value. We can only know that every vaccine on the market has demonstrated protection against the new coronavirus.

It is unbelievable to simply make the so-called effectiveness comparison between different vaccines.

These comparisons not only make many people more entangled in how to choose, but also indirectly affect the progress of the new crown vaccination work.

According to the current vaccination rate, by the end of this year, China will be able to vaccinate about 2 billion doses of the new crown vaccine, that is, about 1 billion people have completed the vaccination, reaching 70% to 80% of the new crown vaccine coverage, basically realizing herd immunity and returning to normal life. .

The establishment of the Great Wall of Immunity requires the joint efforts of you and me.

You don’t have to worry about the enlarged details or conclusions, just follow the recommendations of our guidelines and firmly believe in the six words.

Just hit it as soon as possible!

Remind again:For individuals, the protective effect of vaccination is not 100%, and it takes a certain amount of time to produce protective antibodies. For groups, the new coronavirus is still easy to spread without forming an immune barrier.

In order to prevent infection, before the epidemic is over, it is recommended to continue with the vaccine after the vaccine.Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, ventilate frequently, and use one meter noodle. This "four-piece anti-epidemic suit"!

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