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Only one shot of the new crown vaccine

source:Guangdong Drug Administration

Regarding the new coronavirus vaccine, everyone is familiar with the two-shot inactivated vaccine. Have you heard of the one-shot adenovirus vector vaccine? How is it different from an inactivated vaccine? Let us find out together.

The recombinant new coronavirus vaccine (type 5 adenovirus vector) produced by Cansino Biological Co., Ltd. was jointly developed by the team of Academician Chen Wei of the Academy of Military Sciences and Cansino Biologicals. On February 25, the Drug Administration approved the registration application conditionally. It was the first domestically-made adenovirus vector new coronavirus vaccine approved. Only 1 dose of the vaccine is required.

The adenovirus vector vaccine has been used recently. What are the similarities and differences between it and the previously used inactivated vaccine?

different point

  • Different technical routes

The principle of the adenovirus vector vaccine is to recombine the spike glycoprotein (S protein) gene of the new coronavirus into the replication-deficient human type 5 adenovirus gene. The recombinant adenovirus expresses the new coronavirus S protein antigen in the body and induces the body to produce Immune response. To put it simply, the new coronavirus S protein gene "replaces" the adenovirus specific gene fragments through technical means. After entering the human body, the S protein can be produced, and the S protein "tempts" the immune system to respond. The principle of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine is to use African green monkey kidney (Vero) cells for virus culture and amplification. The virus is inactivated by β-propiolactone, antigen components are retained to induce the body to produce an immune response, and aluminum hydroxide adjuvant is added. To improve immunogenicity. To put it simply, it is to "kill" the pathogenic ability of the virus through chemical means, so that the virus cannot reproduce in the human body, but still retains their "specific characteristics", and the human immune system can "recognize" them. When a live virus enters the human body, antibodies can be sent to "chase" the virus.

  • Different times of inoculation

At present, CanSino new coronavirus vaccine only needs to be inoculated with one dose; the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine should be inoculated with two doses. The recommended interval between the two doses is ≥3 weeks, and the second dose should be completed as soon as possible within 8 weeks.

Same point

  • Vaccinated population

The current vaccination targets are all people aged 18 and above.

  • Inoculation effect

The two new coronavirus vaccines have been approved by the drug regulatory authority for conditional marketing and use, and their safety and effectiveness are supported by certain clinical trial data.You can choose vaccination with confidence.Vaccine effectiveness data: At present, the results of the interim analysis of the Phase III clinical trial of the adenovirus vector vaccine and the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine show that the vaccine protection effectiveness has reached the Drug Administration's "New Coronavirus Preventive Vaccine Clinical Evaluation Guidelines (Trial) "The requirements of the "New Coronavirus Vaccine Target Product Characteristics" recommended by the World Health Organization.Vaccine safety monitoring data: The China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on May 28th my country’s new coronavirus vaccination adverse reaction monitoring situation. The general reaction and abnormal reaction rate of my country’s new coronavirus vaccine are lower than the average report level of other types of vaccines in my country in 2019 .

If I have received 1 dose of inactivated vaccine, can I change to adenovirus vector vaccine for the second dose?

Not for now. The "mixing" of the two vaccine products is conditional: in case of special circumstances such as the unavailability of vaccine supply and the remote vaccination of the recipients, when the same vaccine product cannot be used to complete the vaccination, the same type of vaccine products from other manufacturers can be used Complete vaccination. The premise is that the two doses of vaccine must be of the same kind, that is, the inactivated vaccine can only be "mixed" with the inactivated vaccine. In addition, Cansino new coronavirus vaccine only needs to be vaccinated once, and there is no need to vaccinate other types of vaccines after the vaccination.

If 2 doses of inactivated vaccine have been vaccinated, can I vaccinate another dose of vaccine (adenovirus vector vaccine or other technical route vaccine)?

As just mentioned, it is currently not recommended to "mix" different types of new coronavirus vaccines. Therefore, if the entire vaccination process has been completed according to the new crown inactivated vaccine immunization program, there is no need to vaccinate other types of new crown virus vaccines.

Remind again:For individuals, the protective effect of vaccination is not 100%, and it takes a certain amount of time to produce protective antibodies. For groups, the new coronavirus is still easy to spread without forming an immune barrier.

In order to prevent infection, before the epidemic is over, it is recommended to continue with the vaccine after the vaccine.Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, ventilate frequently, and use one meter noodle. This "four-piece anti-epidemic suit"!

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