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Injection-free vaccine

Source: Science and Technology Daily

Chen Wei also mentioned that his team is studying dual non-vaccine, that is, non-injection, non-cold chain vaccine. "Vaccines are now injected, but in fact, they can be inoculated by other methods, such as nebulized inhalation. We published the first non-injectable vaccine research results in August last year. A clinical trial was carried out in Wuhan on September 29 last year. Sucked."She explained that the nebulized inhalation vaccine only needs one-fifth of the dose of the injection vaccine, and the bottleneck problem of the vaccine bottle can be solved without the need for bottle by bottle. "If the vaccine is inhaled by atomization, it will still have mucosal immunity." Chen Wei said, "The Food and Drug Administration has approved the approval for expanding the clinical trial, and we are now applying for emergency use.According to data, the so-called nebulized inhalation immunity is the use of a nebulizer to atomize the vaccine into tiny particles, which enter the respiratory tract and lungs through breathing inhalation, thereby stimulating mucosal immunity, which cannot be brought by intramuscular injection . Normally, the new crown vaccine injected intramuscularly can only induce humoral immunity and cellular immunity. In addition, the use of aerosol inhalation method for immunization is painless and has higher accessibility. (Reporter: Cao Xiuying and Liu Yin)

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