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Kailan Business Manager Practical Class

Managers' actual combat class-management thinking reversal

The new management of Kailan Corporate Headquarters started a one-day management thinking reversal training, conducted a sand table drill on management practice in the morning, and held a beneficial sharing session with big coffee in the afternoon. Nearly 60 people participated in the event. .

As a team leader, how to integrate resources, communicate effectively, and achieve goals is a challenge that every manager must face in his work.

Let’s look at every manager’s brainstorming and solving problems.

01. Sand table exercise

At nine o'clock in the morning, the management sand table "Choice" is in full swing.

From being caught off guard against the task at the very beginning, to teamwork among the various departments, all this requires the active integration of limited resources by the team and effective upward and downward effects between departments to achieve the desired results.

A good manager needs to have the ability to plan, make decisions, organize, and communicate.

02. Big coffee sharing

Specially-appointed internal trainers, Liu Wen, Director of Operations of the Smart Division, and Wang Yinxia, ​​Director of Operations of the TGP Division, shared their career development based on their work experience.

Specially invited internal trainer Kelly, general manager of Kailan Enterprise, brought leadership courses to everyone.

03. Activity summary

Through this management sand table simulation activity, the trainees have a deeper understanding of overall management, improved team communication skills, and provided new ideas for future management work.

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