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Make quality a habit

Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. takes ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016 as the quality assurance benchmarks. It is a professional mask production base with professional production technology and a complete quality system. The main production and operation of the second-class medical equipment, disposable medical masks, disposable flat masks, disposable children's masks, KN95 masks are the varieties produced all year round. Quality is a habit. Quality work must be done well, and this concept must be integrated into everyone's work, study and daily life, so that everyone has a strong desire to do things well.

1. Doing your own job is love for others

Huawei cooperated with Crosby Academy to organize learning and discussion on Crosby's quality management philosophy, and unify the company's internal understanding of quality-quality is to meet customer requirements, which is an important milestone in the company's understanding of quality. The quality culture construction work must be participated by all staff in order to be truly effective, and it must be sustained for a long time. Through the interaction between quality culture construction and management work, employees have a deeper understanding of the connotation of quality culture. The driving force of quality comes from a desire: a consciousness and desire to do a good job. Based on this desire, the foundation of quality can be established. Everyone knows that German cars are good, but why are German cars so good? Has anyone who studies quality researched the root cause? Historically, this issue has a lot to do with religion. Modern social civilization is based on the European Industrial Revolution, and the social foundation of the European Industrial Revolution comes from the religious revolution promoted by Martin Luther. People have integrated their love and worship of God from churches into their lives and transformed them into a spiritual force of the Industrial Revolution. The love for God can be embodied in the love between people, and then in the division of labor in society: the work I do is to serve others, and I also enjoy the services of others. Created value for others and embodies a kind of love for others. This concept promoted the development of the entire industrial civilization through Martin Luther's promotion in Germany. After hundreds of years of development, this concept has been integrated into the depths of German thinking. Germans instinctively believe that they should do their work well, embodying a love for others and a love for humans. This has formed a kind of love for others. "habit". It can be seen that the formation of quality culture has its historical origin. "Doing one's own job is love for others", this view is consistent with Huawei's concept of "enriching people's communication and life". The division of labor in society makes one's own work manifest as a kind of love for others. When this idea is rooted in the depths of people's thinking, the power will be very powerful. To achieve a certain level of quality culture becomes a habit, manifested as a strong desire to do things well, and long-term actions based on this desire. To build a quality culture, we must first dig out people's nature of yearning for beautiful things from a deep level. This is the foundation of all quality work. Then we deduce our understanding of quality, such as the quality concepts of masters such as Crosby and Deming, and then theorize it so that employees can learn and improve the theoretical level. If the basics are ignored for a long time and the inner pursuit is not reflected in the work, the quality culture construction work will easily become a castle in the air. If the employees passively accept the quality culture without real understanding, it is difficult to become a spontaneous action.

Second, measure quality from the perspective of customers

I talked about the concept of "big quality" above, and then talked about the concept of "small quality"-"do the product well". Take the product STP that I participated in the development of as an example. Although STP is a high-end and high-quality product of our company, there was no such quality theory at that time. The internal reason for the good quality is that the Huawei people who did STP at that time understood the high-end positioning of this product, understood the quality requirements of customers for this product, and the system architecture was well designed. At the same time, everyone has a strong desire to do this product well. We You can't rub the sand in your eyes and can't tolerate any problems. At that time, there were no measurement statistics such as defect rate and SONE-F. At the same time, we also realized that there would not be the most perfect product, but if the user's requirements were met, it would be the best product. What are the user requirements? We sometimes one-sidedly pursue narrow quality, such as process compliance, or problem solving rate and other indicators, while ignoring the user's requirements-"I want to get a high-quality product in time." Sometimes people will say that there is a contradiction between quality and schedule. In fact, there is no contradiction. They are unified in how to correctly understand and meet user requirements. On this basis, quality, schedule, and cost need to be considered comprehensively. Quality has been integrated into our daily work. When I was in the mobile phone department, as the chief quality officer, I would go deep into each project team, focusing on business, and then on quality. From the perspective of users, I evaluate the quality of our products. Some problems are firmly intolerable, and I am merciless on basic problems that may cause harm to users.

3. The core of quality work is "implementation"

For a large number of newly recruited employees, they may not necessarily understand our quality culture. This requires our managers to help them establish quality awareness and apply it in practice. The core of quality work is "commitment to be implemented." Our managers, including BMT directors, PDT managers, development representatives, etc., must first correctly understand the core of quality work. The quality of our current products is not optimistic. The progress of some products is delayed and there are many online problems that cannot meet the requirements of customers. In this way, our work has no value, let alone quality. From the results, we still have a lot of work to do. I often pay attention to root cause analysis. Every manager must know what is the most critical part of your team and your product, what key problems have not been overcome, what potential problems have not been identified, and what aspects of your team are doing well. What aspects are lacking should be managed in accordance with the current situation of the team. Root cause analysis and quality retrospective are the core content of quality work, which can help us avoid the same problem from recurring.

Four, all work around the business

It is a good method to implement quality culture through activities such as QCC. Through everyone's correct understanding of quality, it is of great value to incorporate some small improvements into daily work. But we must focus on business development, and do not formalize QCC and so on. Our work performance is reflected in the product to be done well, if the product is done in a mess, with a lot of fancy decorations, it is actually worthless. All management activities become rich and colorful because of the soul, which is to build high-quality delivery. We are result-oriented to build our quality culture. The result is the result of the business. We must bring our good products to the market and bring people better enjoyment, instead of delivering poor quality products to people. confused. In this way, our realm has been sublimated, and all our activities have become vigorous. Therefore, we have only one evaluation standard, that is, whether we can deliver products with good quality, low cost, good service, and meet customer needs to customers in a timely manner. This is the soul and core of all our work. Quality management personnel must have a deeper understanding of the core of quality culture, and do things around the soul and our business. When setting goals and reviewing each job, ask yourself: Does my job bring value to the business. This value may be direct or indirect. When you train employees, you prevent them from making mistakes in the future; you improve the process to bring the process closer to the actual business, and the overall operational efficiency is improved. We must firmly build our quality culture based on results, and we can’t go wrong if we seize this direction. Secondly, we must grasp the key activities and do it like Xu Sanduo: root cause analysis, code inspection, grasp of key quality results, and employee training, etc., to accomplish these tasks one by one. Although quality culture work does not directly create output, the quality of the product improves and the work becomes very meaningful. So everyone should love their work and know the core value of their work.

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