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Kaiyi Technology-Medical Device Production License

Kaiyi Technology obtained the medical device registration certificate number: Yuexie Zhuzhun 20212140216. Professional mask base, disposable medical protective masks, KN95 non-medical masks, mask wholesale.

What exactly does "Machine Brand" stand for? "Machine Brand" products are medical devices. Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other items used on the human body alone or in combination, including the required software. The purpose of its use includes: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and alleviation of diseases; diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, alleviation, and compensation of injuries or disabilities; research, replacement, and adjustment of anatomical or physiological processes; pregnancy control, etc. Medical devices and cosmetics belong to different types of products, and their use scenarios and purposes are completely different. However, with the development of the medical cosmetology industry, "Machine Brand" medical device products have appeared on the market. Some of them are medical dressings. Through direct or indirect contact with the wound, they can disinfect the wound, absorb wound exudate, support organs, prevent adhesion, or provide a suitable environment for wound healing. It can help patients recover after receiving medical aesthetic treatments. . Some unscrupulous merchants claim that "Machine Brand" medical device products have skin care effects and sell them to consumers. The naming of medical dressings under the management of medical devices shall comply with the requirements of the "Rules for Naming Common Names of Medical Devices", shall not contain claims such as "beauty" or "health care", shall not contain exaggerated scope of application or other misleading or deceptive content. Therefore, there is no so-called "mechanical brand" cosmetics. If a business declares a medical device as a cosmetic, it is illegal.

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