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Meditation brings us back to the present together

Enter the ancient temple early in the morning, and the early sunshine shines in Gaolin. Disposable medical masks, daily masks, non-medical masks, disposable masks wholesale.

The Kailan family arrived at Xianghai Temple for a two-day spiritual journey-meditation, to get rid of the heavy dependence on mobile phones and social networks, let go of the anxiety about time, adjust the body and mind, and realize life in meditation. Under the guidance of the seniors, the Kailan family experienced the life of monks such as Wuguantang rituals, ancient temple cultivating heart, morning class chanting, and meditation tour. Meditation is not only for self-cultivation, but also in the process of meditation, through the environment and the washing of the body and mind, gradually hearing the voice of the heart and caring for the heart, so as to gain enlightenment and see the nature of the mind.

Morning class recitation: In the early morning, the sound of wind, bells, wooden fish, and sutra chanting surrounds the ears. In the compassionate and powerful Sanskrit sounds, the body and mind are gradually awakened.

Visiting the temple: In the quiet and elegant temple, we gently walked past the halls with seats scattered around, and slowly felt this peaceful life with our hearts.

Work out of the slope: unite as one, cooperate with each other, do your best for the monastery, and plant pure and good seeds for yourself.

In this practice of dialogue with self, every Kailan family has a new understanding. Although the meditation experience is over, the practice is still going on. In the next journey of life, we will be in the same boat and go hand in hand! Disposable medical protective masks, KN95 non-medical masks.

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