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Kaiyi Technology Implementation Project Meeting

In order to strengthen project management and communication, Kaiyi Technology-a professional mask production base, implements important measures such as monthly regular meetings, departmental weekly meetings, and daily morning meetings. The project involves resource conditions, external related environment, internal environment changes, etc. In order to ensure smooth communication and consistent understanding between related personnel, working meetings are one of the important means of project management and communication.

Through continuous optimization and efficiency, the changes in the scope, time and cost of the project will be discussed together, the next project task plan will be adjusted, and the support relationship between the current project implementation and the overall planning and arrangement of the project will be analyzed. Regular meetings can clearly reflect and record each Opinions and decisions on the current state of the parties. For the resolutions and action points formed in the meeting, each department is responsible for organizing, implementing, tracking and checking, so as to ensure that the results of the meeting can be well implemented.

Kaiyi Technology-Professional mask production base, Disposable medical protective masks, KN95, non-medical masks. With the end of the first phase of the project, it is often accompanied by the beginning of the next phase of the project, closely following the rapid development of rapid development, to provide customers with better high-quality and efficient services.

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