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Caught a case of a Jiangsu company executive using non-woven fabric as a meltblown cloth

Now during the new crown epidemic, the demand for masks has increased a lot. The demand for melt blown cloth has also increased sharply, resulting in a rapid increase in its price. Some people thought of some methods that thought they could "make quick money". Among them, a company in Jiangsu was not a meltblown cloth factory, and its executive Xu, in order to bring profit to the company and improve his own performance, actually started Committed crimes.

In response, the Wujin Branch of the Changzhou Public Security Bureau successfully investigated this case involving contract fraud. According to investigations, the amount involved is as high as 900,000 yuan.

The editor tells you the story of the case: Xu sold the non-woven fabric to Zhao as a melt blown cloth. And Zhao sold the goods to Mr. Xie from Anhui. Xie Sheng helped relatives who produce masks purchase meltblown cloth because his company stopped work. After buying it back, this batch of "melt blown cloth" was put on the production line of the melt blown cloth factory, and Mr. Xie discovered that this batch of goods was not real melt blown cloth and could not be used for mask production. Mr. Xie immediately contacted the seller Zhao. Zhao refused to return or exchange and did not admit that the goods provided were not melt blown cloth on the grounds of non-return or exchange. In this way, Mr. Xie was cheated on his career in buying melt blown cloth. Mr. Xie called the police for help and asked the police to arrest the suspect Xu.

According to the investigation, Xu's company does not produce non-woven fabrics and melt-blown fabrics. The “melt-blown fabrics” sold to Mr. Xie are non-woven fabrics purchased by Xu from a company in Changzhou in the name of the company. . The relevant person in charge of Xu's company reported to the police that the company is not a melt blown cloth factory, but the company did not know that Xu would sell non-woven fabrics to others as melt blown cloths.

This fraud case has been resolved to the end. The editor informs you that if you encounter an illegal act, do not be timid and fearful. You must use it to fight against the illegal act and call the police for help in time.

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