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Kaiyi Technology tells you whether masks can prevent and control the new crown

There are various sources of news that masks have saved many lives during the epidemic of the new crown virus, but the debate about masks is still fermenting. Kaiyi Technology informs you that scientific research supports the use of masks to prevent and control the epidemic.

Kaiyi Technology tells you that recent studies have shown that masks can save lives in different ways: masks can not only reduce the chance of spreading the new coronavirus, but also reduce the risk of infection.

Generally speaking, qualified masks are colorless masks, which are made of gauze and non-woven fabrics. The regular mask is not chemically treated, has no smell, and has good air permeability and filterability. It is usually safe and clean. Fashion colored masks are fabrics made of chemical fibers, and their patterns and colors can also be dyed with dyes. Some colored masks have different colors inside and outside, and the air permeability will be relatively poor.

Kaiyi Technology tells you that cotton masks and activated carbon masks are not very useful for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. It is recommended to choose particulate protective masks because their protective effects are relatively good. As far as particles exist in the air, the barrier ability is good.

Mr. Guo Xihang suggested that if we usually buy masks, it is better to buy them at regular hospitals and pharmacies. Kaiyi Technology Advice: Do not buy at roadside stalls. When you buy, you only look at the style, but you ignore the function of the mask. No matter what job we are engaged in, we still choose branded masks, which are relatively good.

To further strengthen one's own responsibility, if you have a fever, you should go to the fever clinic in time, and do not have too much contact with others, so as to avoid unnecessary infections.

Wearing a mask can effectively prevent and control the new crown epidemic. Please persist for a while. The editor believes that the dawn of victory is coming.

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