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Kaiyi Technology-the secret that masks can unlock

Now it is the 5G era, and there are countless network applications. Mobile phones are also becoming more and more intelligent. The unlocking of mobile phones can be said to be transformed from "digital password-pattern password-fingerprint password-face unlock". Because of the epidemic this year, people have put on masks, and facial recognition has also been blocked. Facial authentication failure makes people nostalgic for the convenience of fingerprint recognition. Kaiyi Technology will now answer the reasons why the lock can be opened even with a mask.

Due to the epidemic, wearing masks has gradually become a daily life for people, and the experience of unlocking faces is not as good as before. Based on this, foreign entrepreneurs have produced masks with the face of the owner, and it has become easier to wear them to unlock. However, the success rate of this product is not certain, and a large number of experiments have not been done as a basis.

Netizens have also done many related experiments and found that as unlocking failed many times, the phone seems to have learned relevant experience, and gradually can successfully identify themselves wearing a mask. Different models seem to have different learning abilities. Some phones can be recognized successfully after a 30-minute cycle, others can be recognized for 20 minutes, and some can’t be recognized after repeated thousands of times.

The reason for the above is the AI ​​learning ability of mobile phones. The chip of the mobile phone is mainly divided into three functions: CPU, GPU, and NPU, but the mobile phone recognizes the mask face mainly due to the neural network processor-NPU. After the mobile phone camera fails to achieve the face, the CPU and GPU will process the high-speed image, the NPU and GPU will extract the features, and the face recognition will be completed together in the next step. As the key NPU of face recognition, it can recognize itself in different states, whether it is day or night, the mobile phone can still recognize the owner.

After the above explanation by Kaiyi Technology, I believe everyone knows why the phone can recognize the owner. The progress of science and technology should not be underestimated. Keeping up with the development of the times, we are all masters of the times.

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