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The production speed of mask equipment is rapid

After the outbreak, Wuhan closed the city on January 23. The number of masks and therefore the speed of production attracted public attention. Before the outbreak, there were only about 80 mask processing equipment manufacturers nationwide, and 60% of them came from Dongguan. With increasing demand, the output of masks will increase.

In the face of the raging epidemic, it seems that the production capacity before the epidemic is far from enough to meet the huge market demand. On March 6, 2020, a reporter reported that Sannuo, a company in Shenzhen, Guangdong, achieved one mask per second. In this case, Sannuo made adjustments to the mask processing equipment. From production to debugging, the equipment needs to be debugged by professional technical engineers. Only when the qualified products are debugged, people can use it with satisfaction and comfort. The debugging of mask production machines often takes a long time, and at this rate, Sannuo envisions the daily output of 3 million pieces in the future.

The 10 mask production lines invested by Sannuo have been officially put into production recently, which can produce 600,000 disposable medical masks per day. In order to ensure the safety of mask production, employees wear dust-proof clothing and shoe covers. After a series of steps, you can enter the production workshop.

A complete mask production process requires 10 procedures. In the Sannuo Smart Industrial Park, ten mask production lines are operating day and night. Sannuo's transformation to produce masks has its own inherent advantages. It builds a complete mask production line, with not only clean and dust-free workshops, but also mask body manufacturing machines and other automated equipment.

Now Sannuo mask processing equipment, the masks produced will give priority to the Shenzhen area. Make a small contribution of its own for the people of society.

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