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What is the garbage of daily masks that are not medical

2020 is a year full of numerous challenges. With the emergence of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, one of the challenges facingDaily masks are not medicalAnd other medical waste disposal capacity issues.

In order to win the rear defense of this epidemic, prevent the virus from causing secondary pollution. All regions are making their own efforts. For example, Sichuan Province, Tianjin City, Gansu Province, Jiangsu Province and other 20 places are fully deploying daily-use masks and other medical waste treatment work. And there are already many alternative medical waste disposal companies.

Daily masks are non-medical and disposable medical masks. What kind of garbage are they? I believe that many people don't even know how to deal with this. Think it's the same as ordinary garbage, no difference? You are wrong if you think so.

In June 2003, the State Council of our country issued the "Medical Waste Management Regulations" and implemented this regulation. This proves that the used masks have attracted the attention of our country. The disposal of discarded masks varies greatly from city to city. For example, Sichuan Province and Hunan Province have issued notices that masks, tissues and other items used by residents during the epidemic, including all household garbage produced by residents with fever symptoms, are treated as special hazardous garbage.

The person concerned explained that if the impact of the epidemic is not very serious, the daily masks used in non-medical masks can be thrown into other garbage.

Before throwing away the non-medical masks we used for daily use masks, we should fold the surface of the masks inwards, then seal them with a fresh-keeping bag, put them in a garbage bag, and then throw them into other garbage or dry garbage bins.

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