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Melt blown cloth prices soaring

As we all know, the core material of masks is melt blown cloth. Without a meltblown cloth factory, there would be no masks. Melt blown cloth can be applied to many aspects, such as industrial cloth, medical cloth, home furnishing cloth, and agricultural cloth.

Melt blown cloth has many advantages. For example, it has good filtering, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. Among them, melt blown filter paper has won everyone's praise for its strong filtering performance.

Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, masks are a necessity for everyone. And melt blown cloth is the main core material, so melt blown cloth has become in short supply. The work of producing meltblown cloth has become urgent.

During the epidemic, the price of melt blown cloth soared, more than 20 times the original price. The price of meltblown cloth soared, from 20,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan per ton. Some companies even want to take the opportunity to raise prices for huge profits. For example, an employee of a melt blown cloth factory knew that his company, Hengtian Jiahua Nonwovens Co., Ltd. in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, actually pushed up the price of melt blown cloth, and immediately wrote a report letter to the reporter.

The reporter immediately launched an investigation on this and reported the situation to the relevant department, namely the Xiantao Market Supervision Administration. On March 25, a director surnamed Li said in an interview with this newspaper that he had indeed received a report and launched an investigation into Hengtian Jiahua Company and found that the meltblown cloth factory did indeed have behaviors of raising prices.

The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration of my country attaches great importance to this. An "urgent notice" was issued to launch a special survey on the price of meltblown non-woven fabrics. In fact, it is emphasized that those suspected of breaking the law must be resolutely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law. I hope everyone can take a warning and refrain from committing crimes.

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