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Disorders of meltblown masks under the epidemic

When we started to enter 2020, everyone was thinking of going home happily for a good year. A sudden epidemic broke everyone's plan. This year can be said to be a very special year, wearing a mask. During the peak of the epidemic, as masks become daily, the core materials of masksMelt blown clothBecome a delicious big cake in the market, everyone wants to get a share, the market is mixed.

The merchants' sensitive sense of the market began when the epidemic appeared. Businesses have already started to look for reducers, melt blown cloth machines, blow molding machines, etc. everywhere. These are the core machines for making masks. Some businessmen even drove a long-distance bus for 13 hours in order to get a few speed reducers, and the price was as high as 20,000. You must know that in the past, only one-tenth of this price was needed, and the goods resources were limited, and money might not necessarily have goods.

Encouraged by the policy, the government purchases and reserves key medical supplies such as N95 masks and protective clothing. In order to be able to supply people's protective equipment, the government has also provided 300 billion yuan of loans for enterprises to speed up their operations, and enterprises of all sizes are swarming. The production of masks first requires three certificates: a production license, a medical device registration certificate and a license issued by the Food and Drug Administration. Merchants can find that regular online manufacturers basically no longer accept orders, and government businesses are already sufficient for production. On the Internet, there are scammers, and the price of second-hand machines has reached 1 million. There are even those who sell drawings of mask machines on the Internet, and there are businesses who do not hesitate to experiment in order to make money, just to get mask dividends. According to media reports, in April, relying on the originally developed industrial clusters, regular factories and private workshops in Yangzhong also started the production of meltblown fabrics, hoping to make a fortune. Relevant information shows that in the past few months, the meltblown cloth has risen from 20,000 yuan per ton to 600,000 yuan, and then it has dropped from 600,000 yuan to 130,000 yuan, and now it has rebounded from 130,000 yuan back to about 500,000 yuan. , The degree of volatility is comparable to a roller coaster.

This game around mask meltblown cloth can be regarded as an end. There are always winners and losers in the game. A good grasp will make a huge profit, and a bad grasp will make you poor. Regarding the chaos in the market, whether we are ordinary people or businesses, we must grasp the yardstick, do not blindly follow the crowd, and stop doing anything that disrupts the social order.

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