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Changes in the wholesale price of masks

Everyone has been affected by the epidemic this year. Before the outbreak, the wholesale price of masks was low. After the outbreak, the price soared. People can't help but sigh: "Masks: one price per day."

On January 22, a citizen remembered clearly that a friend asked him to ask about the price of disposable medical masks the day before Wuhan was closed down. The price he got was 80 cents apiece. At that time, he felt that the price was already very expensive. Because before the epidemic, the unit price of disposable medical masks was only three or four cents. He said that when the competition became fierce, the price for entering the hospital might be only 2.5 cents.” What this citizen did not expect was that a few days later, the masks were wholesaled at that time The purchase price has reached 1.5 yuan each, and only a week later, it has risen to 3.5 yuan. By mid-February, the wholesale price of masks was as high as 6 yuan.

A medical consumables supplier in Shanghai made the same sigh: Masks are sold at one price per day. He asked Jianwen at 8:00 to roughly resume the trend of purchase prices of various masks since the outbreak of the epidemic: from the end of January to the end of February, the price has risen all the way, reaching a peak at the end of February, and since March, the domestic epidemic has been controlled to a certain extent. After the resumption of work, production capacity increased, and prices began to gradually decline.

The wholesale price of masks reached 1.6 yuan a month at the peak in March, and now the wholesale price of a mask is 0.12-0.18 yuan. This price has fallen by 90% since its peak. The process of the wholesale price of masks from rising to a peak and then declining exactly illustrates the changes in the demand for masks in the epidemic. From an emergency, to the current situation of basically satisfying supply and demand.

Each of us hopes that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and return to our stable and harmonious society. May the people live happily and happily.

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