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Town for producing disposable medical masks

The mask industry is one of the industries that have suddenly emerged this year. Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for masks has also skyrocketed, which can be described as "supply exceeds demand." Disposable medical masks, KN95 masks, ordinary masks, etc. are all out of stock whether online or offline. This has ushered in spring for Pengchang Town, which has the title of "Non-woven Fabric City".

As an important raw material for mask processing, non-woven fabric is a fabric that does not need to be spun and woven. It has a wide range of uses, especially the masks, protective clothing and other medical supplies used during the epidemic. Into. As China’s non-woven products processing and export base, Pengchang Town produces 60% of the country’s non-woven products, accounting for a quarter of the global market. The arrival of the epidemic opened the way to prosperity in this small town. Many billionaires have appeared, and villagers have entered a well-off society.

During the epidemic, more than 80% of the protective materials in Hubei Province were provided by Pengchang Town. Pengchang Town provided Hubei Province with more than 30,000 protective clothing every day, which was close to the total national production. The latter is even more rapid, basically reaching 60,000 pieces per day. According to workers' descriptions, during the highly tense epidemic period, pharmacy companies dispatched dozens of people to grab the goods at the gate of the mask factory in Pengchang in order to buy masks early in the morning. The price of masks is also a one-time price. Until October this year, the profit of a certain factory's output value had reached 400 million yuan, a tenfold increase compared to last year.

Many businesses have found that the outlets of the mask industry have joined in, spending money to expand production, purchase equipment, and stock up on raw materials. However, as the epidemic gradually came to an end, and the mask industry swarmed in from all over the world, the price of masks began to fall rapidly after May Day. The ex-factory price fell to four to five cents, and the price of melt blown cloth fell to three to four hundred thousand. For a ton of yuan, many merchants missed the opportunity or even fell short.

We should encourage enterprises in various industries to actively respond to the call to ensure the supply of emergency protective materials. We should strictly control production costs, eliminate market speculation, reduce circulation links, and maintain market order to ensure the quality of disposable medical masks.

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