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Bring a daily mask and leave one metre for non-medical social distance

In public places, such as subways, people can wear them as requiredDaily masks are not medicalTravel. Wear a mask and travel more at ease by car. Although the weather is hot, everyone can bear it. Keep the mask on your face to protect you and me. It is important to protect yourself.

Now, wearing daily-use masks when going out is not medical, and keeping social distance one meter away is slowly becoming a social custom and fashion. These healthy and civilized practices are slowly spreading. We need to be united by the masses and persevere. We believe that our social atmosphere will become better and better.

Recently, the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic has entered the stage of normalization and control. Autumn is here, and now the weather is getting colder and colder, which is a period suitable for the survival of the virus. Therefore, the number of people infected with the epidemic has also increased, but our epidemic prevention work There is no omission at all.

Now that the epidemic situation is not very good, how should we wear daily masks reasonably and effectively? Some experts said that protective measures such as wearing daily masks or other types of masks, washing hands frequently, and opening windows for ventilation have the same protective effect not only against the new coronavirus, but also against other respiratory diseases.

Now that the epidemic prevention and control has entered the normalized prevention and control stage, these measures still require the people to pay attention to personal hygiene, maintain good personal hygiene habits, maintain effective social distance, wear daily masks for non-medical use, and do their own protection. , Responsible to yourself and to others.

Whether indoors or outdoors, as long as it is a crowded place, you need to wear a daily mask!

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