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How long can disposable masks last?

Disposable masks are valuable products that cannot be bought with money during the epidemic. With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation in my country, disposable masks have now become ordinary commodities, and the price of disposable masks has also been raised from the high price during the epidemic. , Changed back to a common protective product for two yuan.

PresentDisposable mask wholesaleThe price of disposable masks is also very low. On Taobao or other online shopping platforms, the wholesale price of disposable masks has been as low as a few cents apiece, and it also comes with free shipping. This situation has undergone a 360-degree change from the previous epidemic period.

The current price of meltblown cloth is estimated to be 50,000 per meal. A disposable mask has about 2-3 layers of non-woven fabric. A meal of non-woven fabric can only produce 500,000 disposable masks, which is equivalent to a disposable mask. The cost of non-woven fabric is 0.1 yuan. A disposable mask, if it is made of three layers of meltblown cloth

If it does, the cost will be 0.45 yuan, without adding part of the money needed for hanging ears, labor costs, etc., such a mask will sell for 0.35 yuan, which is definitely a loss.

If the disposable mask wholesaler does not want to owe a debt, the melt blown cloth that can only be used is unqualified. These melt blown cloths do not have a good filtering effect. The disposable masks produced are simply unqualified. Wearing or not wearing is completely There is no difference.

Because disposable masks are consumables, throw them away when used up. The value of secondary use is not great. Because domestic supply is far greater than market demand, the wholesale price of disposable masks is ridiculously low. Many disposable masks are now More and more wholesale factories closed down. Many bosses have to sell the mask machine.

Many bosses now buy mask machines at high prices and sell them at low prices. These bosses clearly understand that if they do not sell them now, over time, the price of mask machines will be the price of scrap iron.

So now the disposable mask wholesale market in China is close to the brink of collapse!

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