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Industry chaos in melt blown cloth factory

This year can be described as a twists and turns. I believe that everyone will be trapped at home to celebrate the New Year this year due to the epidemic. It will definitely leave a deep impression on everyone. During the epidemic, melt blown cloth is the core material of masks, and 400,000 masks can be made per ton. Even during the epidemic, many manufacturers and middlemen increased prices for profit, causing the price of melt blown cloth to rise. What follows is some chaos in the melt blown cloth factory industry.

Recently, a self-proclaimed internal employee of a company reported to his company. He said, “Hengtian Jiahua is a large-scale melt blown cloth manufacturer in Xiantao City, ignoring domestic laws and regulations, and hoarding it. About 20,000 yuan per ton, and the peak of the epidemic reached 450,000 yuan/ton."

It is understood that the company was established in 2011 by China Textile Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (holding) under China Hengtian Group Co., Ltd. and Xiantao Jiahua Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (shareholding). It is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province. The governing unit of China Industrial Textile Industry Association. Tianyan Check shows that China Hengtian Group is a central enterprise.

A reporter contacted a salesperson of the company as a buyer. He said that there is no melt blown cloth for now. It will not be available until a month later. As for the price, he said: "The price is different every day and not fixed."

After the reporter's investigation, Director Li of the Xiantao City Market Supervision Administration stated that he had received a report two days ago and had launched an investigation into Hengtian Jiahua Company. He said that the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Administration and the Xiantao City Market Supervision Administration established a joint task force and discovered that the company did indeed drive up prices, but the penalty decision has not yet been issued.

After continuing attention, I learned that Hengtian Jiahua issued a statement in mid-March: “The meltblown non-woven fabrics produced and sold by our company are willing to accept the supervision of units, groups and individuals from all walks of life. During the epidemic, the masks produced by our company The use of meltblown non-woven fabrics is uniformly allocated by government departments, and uniformly sold in strict accordance with government guidelines."

Except for Hengtian Jiahua Company, in fact, chaos in the meltblown cloth factory industry is widespread around us. The national internal committee level also noticed the price increase of meltblown cloth and deployed a special investigation.

Each of us is also an individual in society, and we must also exercise our own supervisory powers, regulate industry chaos, and safeguard our interests.

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