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Many mask production bases in Xinjiang respond to the call

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has brought a lot of inconvenience and harm to our lives. Some domestic companies actively responded to the call of the country to establish mask production bases.

For example, after the outbreak, the government has also prepared for them and made corresponding measures before companies want to become mask production bases. Zhang Yuxiang, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Autonomous Region Drug Administration, said: “In order to speed up the production and marketing of medical mask products, our district urgently provides medical mask product registration and filing, opens a green channel for newly established companies, and takes a relatively short time to send people to inspect on site. Time to go through the review and approval procedures, in accordance with the principle of special affairs and special affairs, the fastest approval, and it will be completed within 7 working days."

The name of this company is Gongliu County Zhongkang Medical Material Company. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in the management of medical consumables and has the production capacity of medical masks. In order to get the company into production as soon as possible, on the afternoon of January 25, the Autonomous Region Food and Drug Administration sent a technical guidance team to Yili to assist the company in the filing and application of disposable face mask products overnight, and instruct the company to improve product technical requirements and product manuals. Materials, to help companies bring the samples submitted for inspection back to Urumqi and submit them to the Autonomous Region Institute of Drug Inspection for inspection. This mask production base started construction on the evening of January 26, and currently produces 20,000 masks per day.

The other name is Xinjiang Bosheng Wine Brewing Co., Ltd., and the county side provided it with the registration and production license of alcohol non-woven sheets for Class II medical devices. Strive to win the fastest investment time and become a mask production base.

Another name is Pishan County He'an Trading Co., Ltd., which provides relevant regulations, policies and business guidance for the filing of a class of medical device products, and provides technical services for the production of protective clothing for Shaya County Shenwei Clothing Co., Ltd.

In the face of the "national disaster", with the help of these companies, they actively become a mask production base. I believe that the epidemic will soon be overthrown by us.

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