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Continue to wear disposable medical protective masks

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is not over yet, comrades still need to work hard. Autumn and winter are the seasons for respiratory diseases such as frequent colds and fever. Please don’t slack off and continue to wear itDisposable medical protective mask.

When the epidemic situation improves slightly, some people will not wear masks. This behavior must be eliminated. On October 15, 2020, Huadu District, Guangzhou City conducted regular inspections on the staff of the quarantine hotel and found 1 case of asymptomatic infection of the new crown. People around are very actively cooperating with relevant departments to deal with the epidemic.

On the morning of October 16, in the outpatient department of Zhengdong Branch of a Children's Hospital in Guangdong Province, a reporter reported that many parents had seen their children come to see a doctor.

Also on the same day, October 16, Xuancheng City's New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters issued the latest announcement. This notice clarifies 12 categories of people who must wear masks, and issues a notice requesting patients in fever clinics100%Perform health tests such as new coronavirus nucleic acid testing and blood routine testing. At this time, we should still continue to wear our disposable medical protective masks.

Our central government's new judgment on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic is like this. At present, the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic has reached a critical stage of strenuous efforts. We must not relax the key tasks of epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen prevention and control in areas where the epidemic is particularly severe or risky. At a critical and strenuous stage of the epidemic, it means that various prevention and control efforts cannot be relaxed. We should continue to wear disposable medical protective masks. Otherwise, it will fall short.

Here is a reminder that we should further strengthen personal protection, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and maintain social distance. We cannot relax our vigilance. At an important turning point of the epidemic, let us continue to wear disposable medical protective masks!

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