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Tianyitang Meltblown Cloth Factory

This year's epidemic is fierce and has brought immeasurable losses and injuries to everyone in society and major companies. From the time when masks became a necessity in daily life, meltblown cloth as the core material of masks can be described as "a piece of cloth is hard to find, and the price is soaring." Therefore, in order to alleviate the social demand for masks, on May 5th, after investigation and research, the Tianyitang Health Industry Party Group decided to build a large-scale melt blown cloth factory in Shenzhen and urgently install 7 melt blown cloths in Tianyitang Health Industry Group. production line.

At 18:18 on May 21st, Tianyitang Health Industry Group’s 7th 200-ton melt blown cloth production line was successfully put into operation. During the epidemic, Tianyitang’s emergency deployment of 7 melt blown cloth production lines was fully completed. Tianyitang Health The industrial group has become a technologically advanced production meltblown cloth factory in Shenzhen

The two-phase melt blown cloth project of Tianyitang Group has a high starting point and high-quality development, and the product design is positioned to produce melt blown cloth above KN95. For this reason, Tianyitang specifically optimizes the algorithm for the melt blown cloth process. Under the command of AS200, the thermostat and the flow meter work closely to ensure proper temperature control of the melt blown, which is beneficial to the drafting of ultra-fine fibers without breaking and scattering. Unable to collect. At the same time, the unit weight of meltblown cloth is strictly controlled according to customer needs.

The successful commissioning of the 7 melt blown cloth production lines of Tianyitang Health Industry Group on the one hand alleviated the demand for melt blown cloth during the epidemic to a certain extent, on the other hand, it also set a quality benchmark for the melt blown cloth industry market. It has played a leading role in other companies in the same industry, made a demonstration, and contributed to the society as well. It deserves our applause.

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