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Anti-epidemic is not relaxed, KN95 non-medical masks cannot be less

In the new crown pneumonia epidemic, there are many types of masks, but compared to other masks, the anti-epidemic effect of KN95 non-medical masks is still very good, but there are still some people who do not wear masks to go out...
On the morning of September 9 this year, a reporter saw near the Fumin Market in Changji City that most citizens wear KN95 non-medical masks, but some citizens exposed their mouths and noses during phone calls and conversations. There are even people who do not wear KN95 non-medical masks or other disposable masks.
Citizen Chu Mou said: “I think it is an uncivilized behavior for people who do not wear disposable masks or KN95 non-medical or other masks outside. First of all, they feel irresponsible to themselves and to others. It’s irresponsible, so I hope that you must wear masks or KN95 non-medical masks no matter what you do when you go out to protect yourself, your family and others.

Kaiyi Technology reminds you that in your daily work and life, you must not only set an example to wear disposable masks or KN95 non-medical masks or other masks, but also remind people around you to wear a mask correctly. We should wear disposable masks, medical protective masks or KN95 non-medical masks. Wearing a mask can block the spread of respiratory droplets and effectively prevent the invasion of respiratory infectious diseases. This is an action that the public should take. Please wear disposable medical masks in a standardized manner.

Citizen Wang said: "Like when I go out, I will wear a mask correctly and properly. At the same time, I will remind my family, including the elderly and children, as well as my friends, to wear a mask correctly when going out. I hope everyone can develop a good habit of wearing masks."

During the epidemic, for the sake of our family and ourselves, we must insist on wearing disposable masks or KN95 non-medical. Anti-epidemic does not relax, KN95 must be non-medical.

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