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China's famous mask production base

At the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic that occurred was fierce, disrupting our normal lives and causing serious inconvenience to our travel, study and work. It is at this time that masks are in short supply and a large supply is urgently needed. And a township in the neighboring county of Changyuan City, Henan Province helped us.
On January 27, 2020, a township in a neighboring county of Changyuan City, Henan Province, which is also the "China Medical Consumables Capital", a well-known mask production base in China. People are loading the epidemic prevention and control materials such as masks and protective clothing produced 24 hours a day during the Spring Festival and working overtime to supply them to the domestic market to meet the needs of people to prevent and control the new coronavirus epidemic at that time.
Changyuan City, Henan Province was awarded the title of "China's Medical Consumables Capital" by the China Medical Equipment Association in 2019 and has become a well-known production base for medical devices and sanitary materials in the country.
The famous mask production base in China is the pride of the Chinese people. We are proud of you and cheer.

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