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Academician Wang Chen recommends that disposable medical masks be used as spares?

At present, the epidemic situation in my country has been basically controlled, and everyone has relaxed their vigilance. The new type of coronavirus is extremely contagious, and there is still a risk of transmission. Once you relax your preparedness, it will fall short. Regarding the prevention, control and epidemic prevention, we must both pay attention to it and be calm. Experts remind you not to relax your vigilance, and you should carry disposable medical masks with you.

As far as my country’s epidemic situation is concerned, Academician Wang Chen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed that the level of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing should be reduced to level 3. According to the current situation, most people can consider not wearing a mask. Specific judgments should be made according to different situations, when should you wear a mask, and what mask you need to wear according to the factors, such as wearing disposable medical masks, disposable medical protective masks, daily masks for non-medical use, KN95 according to different situations and your own needs For non-medical masks, there are different environmental factors in each environment, so it can be judged based on this factor. It is not necessary to wear a mask in a ventilated and open environment. For professionals who have been in contact with intensive people for a long time, such as police officers, doctors need to wear masks for a long time, and those with weak physical fitness need to wear masks according to their own conditions.
We must listen to expert opinions and take care of ourselves and others, and we should always keep disposable medical masks.

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