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Automatic mask processing equipment

Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia, there is a phenomenon of masks rushed by the whole people, and the supply of masks is in short supply. However, there are many good phenomena in our society, such as the fully automatic mask production line developed by Guangzhou Putong Experimental Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd.

SAOL-03/12 fully automatic developed by the companyMask processing equipmentThe fully automatic mask production line developed to fight the epidemic and concentrate technical forces to tackle key problems can produce disposable multi-layer flat masks.

This fully automatic mask processing equipment can produce 120 masks per minute, and the 24-hour full-load capacity can reach 120,000 masks per day. Since the successful development of this production line, a major problem of the shortage of masks has been alleviated.

This move by Guangzhou Putong Experimental Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. is doing my part to win glory for the country. This mask processing equipment has helped us to solve the supply problem to a certain extent. I sincerely hope that there will be more and more such enterprises in our country to benefit people and jointly fight against new coronary pneumonia. The new crown goes away and the light will be seen again just around the corner.

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