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Profits of meltblown cloth factories plummeted

In the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for masks has skyrocketed, which can be said to be in short supply. Many businesses have taken a fancy to this business opportunity to invest in the mask industry, purchase mask processing equipment, and even form mask production bases. Early entry mask manufacturers andMeltblown cloth factoryManufacturers are making money and smiling, but after the epidemic has gradually stabilized and the mask market has entered a saturated state, they are facing the dilemma of having to transform to survive. The profit of the melt spray cloth factory is only less than 10%

Meltblown cloth is called the "heart" of masks. The raw material of meltblown cloth and other non-woven fabrics is polypropylene. This chemical raw material is mainly provided by PetroChina and Sinopec. Private enterprises account for about 30% of the white. One ton of meltblown cloth can produce 1 million disposable medical protective masks or more than 500,000 N95 masks, and 1 ton of polypropylene can produce 250,000 masks.

The cost of 1 ton of meltblown cloth is about 28,000 yuan/ton. During the outbreak of the New Year's epidemic, meltblown cloth was once fired to 700,000 yuan/ton, but now the price has plummeted to 36,000 yuan per ton, a 90% drop and less than 10% profit. Later manufacturers who entered the mask industry said that making masks is basically not profitable and urgently needs to transform and upgrade.

The overall strength of the melt blown cloth industry has been significantly improved under the influence of the epidemic. With the effective control of the global epidemic, the market demand for melt blown cloth is gradually reduced, and the production capacity of the melt blown cloth industry will also be adjusted to a stable range in the later stage.

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