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The wholesale price of masks drops by up to 90%

Due to the epidemic this year, the number of masks has skyrocketed. Masks are in short supply and their prices have doubled. Many businesses have seen this tuyere and have rushed to the mask industry, buying mask processing equipment, and even forming a mask production base. Businesses who have invested in the mask industry in the early stage can indeed make a fortune.

The mask bubble economy receded, and as the epidemic stabilized: wholesale prices fell by up to 90%, and meltblown cloths fell to 20% of the highest price. Within a few months from the outbreak of the epidemic to the present, as the social conditions of the epidemic have stabilized, businesses who have gone to the mask industry have found that the demand for masks has begun to ebb. "From past information, we can find that the price of masks was the highest in March. The highest price was 1.6 yuan, and the profit could be as high as 0.3-0.5 yuan." The general manager of a mask manufacturer in Hubei said in an interview with reporters. Production equipment has been put into operation in large numbers, melt blown cloth factories have increased, and raw materials have reached an industry saturation. For now, the wholesale price of a mask is basically 0.12-0.18 yuan." This price has fallen by 90% compared to the peak period, but everyone Still insist on production. Because with the drop in raw material prices, the mask industry still has small profits, and most people still think about small profits but quick turnover. The foreign trade manager Zhang's company also followed the mask tuyere, but their company specially invited people to do export certification. Therefore, although their company's mask export price dropped from a maximum of 0.65 US dollars to 0.18 US dollars, due to the comparison of foreign epidemics The domestic situation is very severe, so orders for masks remain stable.

At present, the outlet of the domestic mask industry has gradually faded, and it is quite difficult to make a fortune through domestic production of masks. However, the export of masks is still relatively prosperous, and there will be greater opportunities for re-export. However, many companies have already upgraded their conversion schedules.

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