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Are you wearing your mask the right way?

Wearing a mask scientifically is an important way to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. For the health of yourself and others, when you need to wear a mask, don't relax! Don't think that wearing a mask can solve the problem! Correct use, storage and cleaning of masks are important for It is vital to maintain its potency.

Please choose disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks or higher grade masks and follow these rules:

1. Wear a mask correctly

Wear a disposable medical mask correctly, ensure that the mask covers the mouth, nose, and chin, and fasten the nose clip;

2. Time to wear a mask

When the mask is dirty, deformed, damaged or has peculiar smell, it should be replaced immediately, and the cumulative wearing time of each mask should not exceed 8 hours; it is not recommended to use it again in public transportation in different regions, or in hospitals and other occasions;

3. Store properly

Non-reusable protective masks should be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place;

4. If you feel uncomfortable, you have to take it off

In the process of wearing the mask, if there is chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., take off the mask in a ventilated place in time;

5. Plan ahead

Carry a good mask with you when you go out, and keep it in the original bag or a clean storage bag to prevent it from being squeezed and deformed.

It is recommended to prepare more particulate protective masks and medical protective masks at home. Medical masks are divided into three categories: disposable masks, medical surgical masks, and medical protective masks. At present, the registration of medical masks in my country belongs to the second category. As a medical mask Equipment, the minimum requirement is that it is non-toxic.

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