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What does a mask do

Mask is a kind of sanitary protective equipment, usually made of gauze, paper, etc., mainly to filter the air in the nose and mouth, and to isolate harmful gases, odors, droplets, viruses and other substances.

Masks can effectively filter the air inhaled into the lungs. When respiratory infectious diseases occur, especially when working in polluted environments such as dust, it is very effective to wear masks. Masks can be divided into two categories: one is air filter type , one is the air supply type. On January 14, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on China's 224.2 billion masks in 2020. On February 11, the State Administration for Market Regulation and four other ministries and commissions jointly deployed, Further deployment and strengthening of mask quality supervision has been further strengthened.

The dustproof effect of the mask depends on its resistance to fine dust, especially the breathing dust below 2.5μm. Since this kind of dust can directly enter the lungs, the harm to the body is the greatest. The function of the mask is to pass the mechanical way to block the dust outside. And those fine dust, especially the dust below 2.5 microns, will pass through the mesh and enter the respiratory tract. The dust mask made of activated carbon fiber felt pad or non-woven fabric, through this When the filter material is used, the inhaled dust can be blocked out, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering the air.


Discomfort: People with heart disease or breathing difficulties (eg asthmatic emphysema), pregnancy, dizziness after wearing, breathing difficulties, skin irritation.

Wearing effect: The size and wearing method of the mask must be appropriate, so that it can play a role. At present, there are two types of masks on the market, one is rectangular and the other is cup. In order to play a protective role, rectangular The mask must be more than 3 layers of paper. The user must press the metal wire on the mask to the nose, and then lift the whole mask along the nose, so that it can work. It is possible to let the child take a square surgery Masks, because the masks are not fixed, can be attached to the child's face. For cup-type masks, it is necessary to ensure that the density of the mask and the air during breathing will not leak. When wearing a cup-type mask, you can cover your mouth with your hands first. Then try taking a breath to see if air escapes from the edge of the mask, if not, readjust it and put it on.

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