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How to choose children's masks

How to choose children's masks correctly? Heilongjiang Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Buy masks on regular platforms. The quality of masks affects the health and safety of children. Consumers should buy masks on regular e-commerce platforms, pharmacies, and specialty stores, and avoid roadside stalls or non-sales qualified circles of friends. Shop for children's mask products.

(2) Check the express product standards of masks. The product name of children's masks does not allow consumers to directly and effectively distinguish the product type. You should focus on checking the product standards indicated on the mask packaging, and choose to meet the standards in the corresponding usage scenarios. Masks required by technical indicators.

(3) Look at the appearance. In addition to checking the standards, consumers should also pay attention to check the appearance type of children's masks, because in the case of the same raw materials of meltblown cloth, the better the fit between the mask and the face, the better the protection effect, and the three-dimensional mask and face The degree of fit is better than that of flat masks, and the sealing performance of head-wearing is better than that of ear-wearing products.

(4) Material selection. Select masks for children to ensure the comfort of masks. When purchasing, you can touch the mask. If you can feel sharp tips and sharp edges, then the mask is unqualified.

(5) Choose the size. Be sure to choose a suitable mask according to the age and face shape of the child. Some parents will wear adult masks for their children. This is wrong, because the size of the mask is very important. If the mask is too large, the air tightness If it is not good, it will not play a protective role; if the mask is too small, it will strangle the ears and be uncomfortable.

There is no uniform size standard for children's masks. They are generally divided into three sizes: large, medium and small, and some of them will be marked with the recommended age of use. When purchasing, we can make certain reference, but we still need to choose according to the shape of the child's fat and thin face. When choosing and buying a mask, you must wear it to try the size. When wearing a mask, the principle is that under the premise of ensuring that it fits the face, it should not obviously affect the child's vision.

(6) Look at the color. Nowadays, children's masks pay more attention to children's psychology in color and style design, and have more colors. Many children are also willing to wear masks because they like the pattern of masks. When parents buy masks, they can let their children choose by themselves Favorite color, so the child will be more willing to wear it.

According to the standard requirements, the inner layer of the mask should not be printed or dyed, and the printed pattern on the outer layer of the mask should not fade. Parents can wipe the mask with a wet tissue to see if there is any color fading.


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