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Why wear a mask

Masks are the main way to control the new coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. They are an effective way to reduce the risk of the spread and spread of the epidemic, reduce public health cross-infection, and ensure people's health. It is also necessary to have a certain understanding of the wholesale of masks, because some large-scale A large number of masks need to be used in large-scale activities or large factories. At this time, wholesale masks come in handy.Wholesale price of masksYou can find out about it on the relevant website.

Adhere to wearing a mask. For respiratory infectious diseases, wearing a mask is an effective protection measure, which can effectively reduce the chance of infection. Masks can not only prevent patients from spewing saliva, reduce the number and speed of eruptions, but also prevent the virus from flying to avoid inhalation by the carrier.

If you have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus, you should also wear a mask. The protective effect of any vaccine is difficult to achieve perfect, and due to individual differences and immune escape caused by virus mutation, very few "breakthrough infections" will be caused. Therefore, Even if you have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus, you must wear a mask when entering public places with many people and poor ventilation, when taking elevators, buses, or seeking medical treatment.

Scenarios and situations with masks:

1. Located in shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, venues, exhibition halls, airports, docks and public areas of hotels and other places where people gather;

2. Take public transport vehicles, such as long-distance buses or buses;

3. Outdoor venues where crowds gather in open-air plazas, theaters, parks, etc.;

4. During hospital visits and escort, accept body temperature check, health code check, itinerary information registration and other health checks;

5. Such as nasopharyngeal discomfort, coughing, sneezing, fever, etc.;

6. In the restaurant, when the restaurant has not eaten.

How to wear a mask correctly:

1. Hand cleaning: wash your hands before taking off the mask or before and after taking off the mask, do not directly touch the outer edge of the mask with your hands when taking off the mask;

2. Distinguish between inside and outside: Before wearing, turn the nose clip side up and the dark side out (masks without color distinction can be judged from the degree of folds, and the crease is down to the outside);

3. After wearing, put your fingers in the middle of the nose clip, squeeze up and down along the bridge of the nose and the face, and adjust the position of the mask so that the mask can cover the face, mouth and chin.

what kind of mask to wear

1. It is recommended that the public choose disposable medical or medical surgical protective masks;

2. When seeking medical treatment, you can choose KN95, KN95 and other medical protective masks;

3. Do not use masks without protection, such as cloth masks and silk masks.

4. The number and frequency of masks used are very large, so we can also wholesale masks. You can go to the corresponding website to check the wholesale price of masks, buy masks wholesale, and enrich your own mask use inventory.

How to effectively dispose of discarded masks:

1. Working in the hospital, whether it is for medical treatment or visiting, as long as the masks used in the hospital can be directly thrown into the bag of medical waste. These masks will be centrally disposed of by specialized medical waste disposal units.

2. Residents suspected of contracting infectious diseases should be treated as medical waste when seeking medical treatment or under investigation.

3. For people with fever, cough, phlegm, sneezing, etc., the used mask should be sprayed with disinfectant and then thrown away. If there is no disinfectant, it can be sealed with a plastic bag or plastic bag, and then Throw in the trash can.

4. For the average person, due to its low risk, the masks used will be disposed of according to the requirements of household garbage classification.

Develop frequent hand washing, frequent ventilation, one-meter noodles, no gathering, use of public chopsticks, cough etiquette, etc. Do your best to be the primary responsibility of your own body, pay attention to the danger of the epidemic at any time, and maintain the awareness of disease prevention.

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