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Wear a mask and "care for your face

The epidemic situation in Beihai, Guangxi has been effectively controlled. From August 1 to 12:00 on August 9, a total of 1,899 positive infections were reported in Hainan. Although the new crown vaccine has been fully popularized in my country, the vaccination of the new crown vaccine does not mean that everything is going well. Wear masks in public places, so as to minimize the risk of infection, and always pay attention to the dynamics of epidemic prevention and control.

Many people say that they don't like to wear masks in hot summer. Wearing masks for a long time will make the skin on the face very sensitive, and the so-called "mask face" will appear. Kaiyi Technology reminds you not to wear masks because of the hot weather in summer. , Wearing a mask is to protect yourself from virus invasion, but at the same time we must also pay attention to the care of the skin, protection and moisturizing 2 are correct.


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Skin problems caused by wearing a mask for a long time in summer?

1, the skin is easy to dry

When wearing a mask in summer, the gas exhaled from the nose and mouth cannot evaporate quickly, increasing the local skin temperature and humidity, causing the skin stratum corneum to swell, destroying the cell barrier, affecting the skin's water retention, and causing dry skin. Therefore, the texture should be applied in summer. Refreshing moisturizers and lip balms, don't apply too thick or greasy, so as not to affect the skin's breathing.

2, contact dermatitis

People with sensitive skin are prone to contact dermatitis when wearing masks for a long time. The main symptoms are severe itching, erythema or erosion and blisters. For mild cases, apply cortisone ointment under the guidance of a doctor; for severe cases, seek medical attention in time , Oral anti-allergic drugs are required if necessary.

3, skin abrasions

Always wear a mask that is too tight, which can compress the cheeks, behind the ears, the bridge of the nose and the cheekbones. Scratches and indentations can occur in the above parts, and it is easy to form hematomas or blisters. Therefore, you should choose a mask that is tight and suitable, as long as you find pressure on the skin If there are scars and congestion or damage, the drug should be applied in time to avoid infection; at the same time, the skin should be kept clean and moist to prevent the skin from being rubbed again.

4. Acne worsens

Wearing a mask will increase the temperature and humidity of the skin, and the local skin will be compressed, which can block the opening of the sebaceous glands and promote the growth of acne. Therefore, the mask should be replaced frequently, and the sweat on the face should be wiped dry and the moisturizing lotion should be applied. It can improve the skin's protective barrier and reduce friction and irritation to the skin.


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How to protect skin in summer?

1. Wear sunscreen while wearing a mask

Masks cannot block ultraviolet rays at all. Even if you wear a mask in summer, you should do a good job of sun protection. Apply sunscreen or wear a sun hat or umbrella 30 minutes before going out. It is preferable to choose a moisturizing or light type of sunscreen.

2. Do not apply the mask immediately after taking off the mask

Wearing a mask for too long will make the skin overly hydrated. Therefore, you cannot apply the mask immediately after taking off the mask, otherwise it will aggravate the degree of skin damage. Keep ventilation after wearing the mask to promote the loss of water through the skin and reduce the excessive hydration of skin cells. .In addition, try to take off the mask in an open place with few people to let the skin breathe, and a mask should not be worn for more than 4 hours.

3, do a good job of skin cleansing

Wash your face once in the morning and evening, and apply a refreshing and moisturizing water and lotion in time after washing your face, which can strengthen the skin's stratum corneum barrier. Use less or no makeup, and refuse to wear heavy makeup.

Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. warm reminder:

In summer, you should take good care of your skin, among which skin cleansing is particularly important. Choose a suitable facial cleanser according to your skin type, and try not to use deep cleansing products, otherwise it will over-clean the skin, reduce the protective barrier of the skin surface, and accelerate skin aging. Do a good job in moisturizing the skin , Develop the habit of drinking water actively. During this period, pay attention to a light and hygienic diet, eat less fried and high-sugar foods, and stay up late, otherwise the function of the sebaceous glands on the face will be disturbed.


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