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Something about wearing a mask

For respiratory infectious diseases such as new coronary pneumonia, it is necessary to wear masks. There are also various choices of masks. People are generally concerned about the disposal of discarded masks. Let's take a look at some things about wearing masks. At present, experts It is recommended to use disposable medical surgical masks and N95 N95 masks. Gradually, the following problems also occur.

1. Who must wear a face covering?

Masks are a good protective measure. Now people pay more and more attention to safety, so wearing a mask is a must for everyone to go out. Everyone must wear a mask, only in this way will the virus be dispersed .

2. Do you have to wear a mask wherever you go?

A. Go to shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, venues, exhibition halls, airports, docks, public areas of hotels and other places where people gather;

B. Take container elevators and public transportation, such as planes, trains, buses, subways, etc.

C. In outdoor places such as open air, theaters, parks, etc. where crowds gather.

D. When you have symptoms such as cough and fever, please seek medical attention in time.

3. How long can the mask be worn?

Long-term use of masks is easy to cause germs. The service life of surgical masks is 4 hours, and each use cannot exceed 8 hours. When it is no longer needed, it should be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place. However, if it is used in an airplane , used in places such as trains or hospitals, it is recommended not to use it again.

4. How to wear the mask correctly?

Disposable masks, also known as ordinary medical surgical protective masks. It has a front and a back. The dark side, that is, the blue side, should be outward; and the lighter side should be inward and close to the face. One is a metal sheet, one is a relatively hard mask, and the other is a relatively hard mask. When wearing it on the face, it is best to stick it on the nose.

Wash your hands: Before washing your hands, please wash your hands to avoid getting dirty hands;

Hanging: Put the mask on the face, mouth and nose, and use 2 hands to tie 2 wires to the ears;

Pull: Use 2 hands to separate the folds of the mask up and down at the same time, so that the mask can completely cover the mouth, nose and chin;

Pressure: Press the metal strips on the 2 sides of the nose with your fingers, so that the upper end of your mask can be in contact with your nose.

After wearing a mask, try not to touch it frequently, so as not to affect the protective effect.

5. How to choose a mask?

If it is in a public place, ordinary medical surgical masks are enough, and there is no need for ordinary people to hoard N95.

6. Please wear a mask. Have you ever made such a mistake?

A. Can the mask be pulled to the chin when eating and drinking? (x)

If the mask is pulled to the chin, it will pollute the inside of the mask. If you wear the mask again, it is likely to bring the virus into the nasal cavity. The mask must be removed when eating and drinking.

B. Bring one more mask, one more guarantee? (x)

Wearing more masks can not improve the protective effect, increase the breathing resistance, destroy the sealing performance of the mask, and reduce the protective effect.

C. Is it okay for the baby to wear a child's mask when going out? (x)

Children over one year old cannot wear masks. Children under one year old should not wear masks. Babies cannot speak yet. Wearing masks will make them feel uncomfortable and cannot communicate with parents accurately. When wearing masks for children over one year old, be sure to Pay attention. If you have symptoms such as difficulty breathing, dizziness, etc., you should help the child take off the mask in time. Parents and mothers should try not to bring children into crowded places.

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