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Daily masks are not medical, what is the difference between daily and medical

Daily masks are non-medical, The differences between daily masks and medical masks are as follows:

1. The tightness of the mask: Compared with the medical mask, the tightness of the daily mask is worse;

2. Separation of particles: daily masks have little effect on filtering particles. The filtering efficiency of medical surgical masks for filtering particles exceeds 30 percent;

3. The role of isolating body fluids and blood: Under normal circumstances, disposable masks are generally used when there is no infectious disease, or when there is no infectious disease. Ordinary medical masks and disposable masks are The same, will not have any protective effect on the new coronavirus. Disposable medical masks can isolate blood and body fluids, often used in operating rooms, and can also be used to prevent the occurrence of new coronavirus pneumonia. The protective effect of N95 masks and KN95 masks It is very good and is generally used in fever clinics, medical staff working in new coronavirus pneumonia wards and confirmed or suspected patients.

Medical masks: There are mainly medical masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks, etc. Ordinary medical masks: They are relatively low-level protective masks and cannot prevent new coronavirus infection.

Medical surgical mask: It is mainly used to prevent the new coronavirus. It can block particles above 5 microns in the air and has a certain protective effect on the respiratory droplets. Therefore, if you are not in frequent contact with the new coronavirus, you can wear it. Medical surgical masks.

Medical protective mask: It is an N95 mask with a higher protection level at present, which can block particles above 3 microns in the air. It is the best choice for preventing new coronaviruses and is suitable for medical staff to wear.

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