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Special training session on resumption of work and production after the holiday

After the Spring Festival, our company(Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd.)The workshop employees of various departments have returned to the company one after another to start the new year's work. The company actively responded to the notification requirements of government departments, and carefully read and understood the Dongguan Emergency Management Bureau's special training notice on post-holiday business resumption, in order to effectively improve all employees' awareness of safe production work. To ensure the safety of employees' lives and corporate property, and to prevent the safety risks of resumption of work and production after the holiday, the company organized a special training session on the resumption of work and production at 8:00 a.m. on February 14. All employees who have returned to the company participated in this training session. This training session was presided over by Yang Lei, the general manager of the company.


First of all, the general manager conveyed the main contents of the Dongguan Emergency Management Bureau's notice on the special training for enterprises to resume work after the holiday, and analyzed the accident cases, epidemic prevention and control and safety production risks, and six major strategies "3 topics" for the safety management of resumption of work. The employees preach and teach, and require each workshop to formulate safety and environmental protection tasks for resumption of work and production, and specify the personnel. At the same time, each workshop is required to carry out a full-staff training, a targeted emergency drill, and a large-scale investigation of hidden dangers. Subsequently, the general manager To strengthen the awareness of safety production responsibility and safety rule of law for everyone, I hope that all employees should learn the law, know the law, abide by the law, act in strict accordance with the production rules and regulations, and conduct machine operation guidance and safety education and training for machine operators. Combustibles, smoking is prohibited within the company.

Through this training, the company's awareness of production safety has been further strengthened, the safety responsibilities for resumption of work and production have been clarified, and the "ideas" of personnel can be returned to work.

Safety first

Wear a mask and adhere to epidemic prevention


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