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The epidemic is ruthless, people are affectionate, and caring enterprises are heart-to-heart

At 9:00 a.m. on February 18, 2022, as a mask manufacturer, Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. and Huakanghui (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. !" theme donation activity, donated a total of 100 boxes of medical surgical masks (e plus brand) to funeral homes in Guangdong Province, a total of 50,000 pieces.

捐赠仪式 (1)

Ceremony of donating masks

The mask donation ceremony was held in the company's Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. The entire event was strictly controlled by epidemic situation, scanning code temperature measurement, wearing masks, a total of 7 leaders and representatives of Guangdong Funeral Association and Dongguan Funeral Association attended the event. At the scene, the company's general manager Yang Lei and deputy general manager Zhou Jie received government leaders and presided over the event meeting. At the meeting, the company's general manager delivered a welcome speech, and warmly welcome all leaders to visit our company. After that, the chairman of Guangdong Funeral Association He gave a speech and expressed his sincere gratitude to Kaiyi Technology and Huakanghui. At the same time, he further emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention and control, and called on everyone to actively wear masks scientifically. After the meeting, all leaders gathered at the gate of the company to hand over donated masks. ceremony.


Reception leadership diagram


Guidance meeting diagram

捐赠仪式 (2)

Picture of the speech of the president of Guangdong Funeral Association


Leaders exchange speech map


Donation card chart

Each box of donated masks has 3-layer and 4-layer masks with 2 protective structures. Both structures are suitable for the basic protection of relevant personnel. The 4-layer structure has an additional middle layer, which is an anti-virus layer, which can effectively block viruses. and remove odors.

Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "mutual aid and mutual benefit, and fights against the epidemic", focusing on social needs, strengthening the spirit of enterprise and social responsibility, serving the society, and promoting the harmony between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and governments, and enterprises and society relationship, and help prevent and control the epidemic at the social level.

Epidemic prevention and control is everyone's responsibility


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