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New listing - adult disposable 3D three-dimensional mask

The epidemic has come and gone, one wave has just flattened and another wave has arisen. Everyone should be vigilant, take precautions, prepare masks, wear masks scientifically and change masks on time, maintain a social distance of 2 meters, wash hands frequently, and ventilate more. , Less gatherings, epidemic prevention and control, start with yourself, protect yourself and others.

Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd.Independent design and production of disposable 3D three-dimensional masks (adult models), using outer non-woven fabric, middle melt-blown fabric, inner non-woven fabric 3-layer protective structure, the specification is 17.5cm9.5cm, the overall three-dimensional cut, no nose clip, no pressure Face, no pressure on the nose and mouth, forming a soft and comfortable fit protection. The outer layer of non-woven fabric is matched with densely distributed low-resistance breathing design imitation honeycomb ventilation holes, plus the middle layer of meltblown fabric and inner layer of non-woven fabric, the mask reaches KN95 is the qualified standard for particle filtration, and the filtration efficiency is as high as 95%. The earband adopts wide earband, which is light and soft, with good elasticity, and does not squeak. .


Adult Disposable 3D Stereo Mask Black and White


Morandi colors


cartoon cute print


Epidemic protection, remember to wear a mask!


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