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Authoritative answer: "green, yellow and red" of health codes

Q: What is a health code?

answer:The health code is applied online by itself, and is reviewed in the background to generate a 2-dimensional code belonging to an individual, as an electronic certificate of personal health information, to realize one-time declaration, dynamic management, and general use in the whole city. The health code implements "green code, yellow code, red code"3 Code dynamic management.


In a certain place, a nationwide comprehensive large-scale nucleic acid test is implemented. If an individual fails to undergo a nucleic acid test for epidemic prevention within the specified time, the "green code" of the personal health code will become a "yellow code". Negative will turn back to green code.

The epidemic situation is repeated, and with the needs of epidemic prevention and control work, the health code system is constantly updated to better meet the dynamic monitoring of the national health journey.

Q: What does the area name band ( ) mean for the itinerary card?

answer:①The city name is marked with "" (asterisk), indicating that there are currently medium-risk or high-risk areas in the city visited in the past 14 days, but this does not mean that these medium-risk and high-risk areas have actually been visited. Note: The asterisk "" has nothing to do with the user's personal health status, and is only used as a reminder sign for cities in medium and high risk areas, which is convenient for management personnel to check.
②The definition of "passage" on the itinerary card is: you stay in a place for more than 4 hours, and at the same time use your mobile phone to open the itinerary code, the system will automatically record it as a pass or visit.
③The itinerary cassette "" will be quarantined and not necessarily quarantined. It is necessary to further verify whether you have been to medium and high risk areas. If you have actually been to medium and high risk areas, you will be quarantined. If you have not been to medium and high risk areas, you do not need to isolation.

For people in high-risk areas: 14 days of centralized observation and 7 days of health monitoring will be implemented.
For people in medium-risk areas: 14 days of home observation and 7 days of health monitoring will be implemented.

Those who do not meet the conditions for home observation will be subject to centralized observation.

Q: I have been given a yellow code, how can I switch back to a green code?
answer:If you are assigned a yellow code, please do the following 2 things:
1. Immediately report to your community.
2. In the case of self-protection, go to the nearby Yellow Code Speed ​​Inspection Zone to complete the 3-day 2-inspection.

Kaiyi Technology Tips:If the first test result is negative, the health code will briefly change to "green code", and then change to "yellow code" again, prompting residents to conduct a second test as required. If the two nucleic acid test results are both 2 If it is negative, the health code will be officially converted to a "green code".


Q: Why does the 24-hour nucleic acid negative still turn into a yellow code?
answer:Some citizens still have a negative nucleic acid test result within 24 hours or 48 hours, but the health code has turned "yellow". This is because the nucleic acid sampling time is earlier than the time when the yellow code was assigned, even within 24 hours of a negative nucleic acid test. It will also become "yellow".
This situation occurs mainly due to the time difference between nucleic acid sampling and nucleic acid results. For example, Xiaohua took nucleic acid sampling at 8:00 in the morning, and the result was negative at 2:00 p.m., but the epidemic situation changed within 6 hours. According to the judgment of prevention and control, it was decided to assign a yellow code to Xiaohua at 12:00 noon. Even if he gets a negative result at 2:00 p.m., it is the result of the sampling before the yellow code is assigned, and it is not the basis for turning green.

Q: What should I do if I am given a red code?
answer:If you are assigned a red code, please be sure to do the following 3 things:
1. Immediately report to the local community (village), unit or disease control department, and truthfully and accurately provide personal recent travel history, contact history, and personal health conditions. No concealment or omission is allowed.
2. Cooperate with prevention and control measures such as epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid testing, and isolation observation.
3. Before waiting for the arrival of professionals, self-isolate and wear a mask.

To fight the epidemic, wear a mask,

Kai Medical Technology,with you,

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Source: Guangdong Health Online, official account of Dongguan Municipal Affairs Service Data Administration

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