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Merry Christmas Eve

Ding - bell bell, ding - bell bell" The cheerful and crisp sound of the bell rang, which is the sincere blessing of the lovely auspicious animal reindeer to everyone: Happy Christmas Eve, and wish you happiness and health!

Christmas Eve, peace fruit, blessings on a peaceful day, peace on Christmas Eve.

Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd., I wish all employees a happy Christmas Eve, peace and safety forever, and An An Ping Ping dream is also long. Send an apple to bless you, I wish everyone a safe life, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and blessings.

Did you eat Ping An fruit today?

On this night of praying for peace, Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd. distributed 2 apples to all the hard-working employees to thank all employees for their contributions to the company.

Apple, regardless of size, is full of the company's sincere blessings to its employees and its earnest expectations for the company's future development. The future can be expected!

Christmas Eve is tonight, and tomorrow's Christmas is coming soon. Here, Kaiyi Technology would also like to say thank you to the customers, friends and partners who have always supported Hezhong.

Dear colleagues of the company, thank you for your contribution to the company, I wish you all a safe and merry Christmas!

Kaiyi Technology kindly reminds you:Remember to take personal protection and wear a mask when you go out! Go out safely and go home healthy!

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