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2022, congratulate the new year, welcome the Winter Olympics

In the new year, there is such a set of dialogues on the Internet:

A: Did you have a happy new year?

B: Only fast, no joy!

Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd.friendly reminder:

Today is January 10, 2022, counting today, 10 days have passed in 2022,

355 days left this year!

As soon as the following two major events arrive, it will be February 2022.

1, February 1, 2022: Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival is a very ancient traditional festival in our country.

When the year comes, everyone will have a happy smile on their face.

2, February 4, 2022: Beijing Winter Olympics

The 24th Winter Olympics were held in Beijing, which marked Beijing as the first "city of dual Olympics" in history to host both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought severe challenges, but the standards and efforts of the preparations for the Winter Olympics have not been lowered. Now, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics have entered a sprint countdown.

Dedicate a wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Olympic event to the world. The world is looking forward to China, and China is ready. Let’s build a dream of ice and snow together, and look forward to the future together.

Kaiyi Technology, in the new year, has done a good job in the new year and new goals. All employees are full of passion to work - to achieve the goal, for the company's interests, for teamwork, and for themselves.

New year and new atmosphere, everyone is surpassing the past and achieving a better tomorrow!

Kaiyi Technology, a professional mask production base, reminds everyone that while celebrating the Chinese New Year and welcoming the Olympics, don't forget personal epidemic protection!

Kai Medical Technology Co., Ltd., I wish all friends a happy New Year and all the best! I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success, and the Chinese athletes will compete in the arena! China will win!

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