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Epidemic prevention and control "dynamic clearing" instead of "zero infection

According to the information released by the National Health and Medical Commission: From 0-24:00 on December 7, there were 44 new local cases in China (34 in Inner Mongolia, all in Hulunbuir; 8 in Zhejiang, including 5 in Ningbo and 2 in Hangzhou). , 1 case in Shaoxing City; 1 case in Heilongjiang, in Harbin City; 1 case in Shanghai, in Pudong New Area), including 1 case from asymptomatic infection to confirmed case (Inner Mongolia). For medium risk areas.

At present, the epidemic situation across the country has stabilized as a whole, but it is not "zero infection". The National Health and Health Commission stated that my country adheres to the general strategy of "foreign import, internal defense rebound", and adheres to the epidemic prevention goal of "dynamic clearing". Liang Wannian, head of the expert group of the Leading Group for the Response and Disposal of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic of the Health Commission, said,The "dynamic clearing" strategy of epidemic prevention and control is not "zero infectionIt refers to the maximum early detection, early diagnosis, early isolation, early treatment, and early disposal in the normalized prevention and control stage, that is, the epidemic situation is discovered together, tracked together, and extinguished together, so as to resolutely prevent the continuous spread of the epidemic in the community." The "zero" strategy is a prevention and control strategy when local cases occur, and its cost-effectiveness is relatively high.

The new coronavirus spreads fast, with strong transmission ability, and the virus mutates rapidly. Now, the new coronavirus variant Omicron, which was first discovered in South Africa and other countries, continues to spread in more countries and regions outside Africa. Therefore, the new coronavirus has not yet Completely eliminated, the domestic epidemic situation in my country has been well controlled, but the foreign epidemic situation is still relatively severe.

Buy a mask, choose Kai doctor. Epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed. Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control. Wearing a mask is an important measure for personal protection. To achieve the goal of "dynamic clearing" epidemic prevention, personal behavior and habits should be paid attention to and adhere toWear a mask, wash your hands frequently, ventilate more, and avoid gatherings. Seek medical attention in time if you have symptoms such as fever and cough.

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