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New Year's masks - Chinese style, Chinese red

There is a style calledChinese style; there is a color calledChina redThere is a feeling called "I love you, China"; there is a kind of expectation called "Chinese New Year - Spring Festival"!December has come, is it still far from January? January is here, the New Year is here, and the Year of the Tiger officially begins in 2022. The New Year's Eve is approaching, and the Spring Festival will follow. The house is brightly lit, the lanterns are hung high, everywhere is red, and there is laughter.

During the epidemic, to celebrate the New Year, we should also pay attention to epidemic prevention. Wearing a mask when going out is a kind of protection for yourself. Look,Dongguan Kaiyi Technology Co., Ltd.New Year's masks are in continuous production. Look, the strong Chinese style, bright Chinese red, festive charm, and ancient words, I wish you all the best in the Year of the Tiger, and your wishes will come true. In the battle against the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, Accompany you to welcome the new year, celebrate the new year, protect your health, and have a peaceful and happy year.

Kai Medical Technology, the New Year's mouth pattern is diverse, let's enjoy it together!

Pattern 1: Bright "Fu", gradient colors, I wish you all the best luck.

Pattern 2: A variety of auspicious characters, a variety of fonts, showing the charm of Chinese characters, good luck around, good luck again and again.

Pattern 3: Smiling tiger, cute orange, wishing you good luck and wealth in the Year of the Tiger.

Pattern 4: Bright red, cute little tiger head, simple yet charming, the baby tiger is waving to everyone to congratulate: "HEPPY NEW YEAR.

Pattern 5: Dressed in bright red, the lucky cat is greeting you in the New Year.

A small piece of mask, full of Chinese elements, with sincere blessings, cute zodiac "tiger", Chinese favorite colors, Chinese history, Chinese characters, and Chinese New Year— Spring Festival. The New Year masks independently designed and produced by Kaiyi Technology are a small propaganda for Chinese culture. We believe that: Chinese style and Chinese red are not only the expression of Chinese excellent traditional culture, but also the confident output of my country's excellent traditional culture. This is the cultural self-confidence of our Chinese people.

Like our New Year's mask, come and order it, there are many patterns for you to choose!

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